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Caribbean Essence is a platform that showcases Caribbean individuals who are trendsetting. They are ambassadors of their respective countries who use their talent to uplift their heritage. From music, dance and art; to nutrition, cooking, beauty and lifestyle, they are paving the way.


Caribbean Essence will also feature Caribbean products, services, nutrition tips, recipes as well as tutorials. The blog will embrace and celebrate the diversity of our Caribbean communities, connect locals and the Diaspora and keep its audience engaged by featuring an eclectic array of individuals and providing sound Caribbean content.  We invite you to explore Caribbean Essence and get Connected.

Rachele Viard

My name is Rachele Viard. I was born in Stone Mountain, Georgia. However, during my childhood, I visited Haiti quite often.  These vacations enabled me to connect to my parents homeland and country's vibrant culture.

In 2009, I moved to Haiti and had the privilege to work for Magic Haiti, a local magazine.  Magic Haiti afforded me the opportunity to explore island, discover natural and sites, and meet incredible people.  I was able to use my voice and pen to highlight the magic, charm, and the richness of the Haitian culture and its people.  Through Magic Haiti, we were able to promote tourism and present Haiti in a different light. 

Other Work Experience:  Lakay Weekly and The Haitian Times


The Team

Caroline Auguste    


I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Growing up, I was always intrigued by food. As I was getting ready to head to college, I did not have to ponder for long, I knew that I would pursue a degree that had to do with food and with concerns about being healthy and eating well, nutrition was an easy fit. Upon graduation with a degree in nutrition from the University of Montreal, I worked as a nutritionist in a health and social services center with a multi-ethnic clientele.


My fields of interest are maternal and child health and the prevention and management of chronic diseases including diabetes and hypertension in adults.


My goal is to offer an approach that resembles and meets the needs of my clients in order to ensure a lasting change in eating habits.

Ian Corks

I am a medical/healthcare journalist and lifestyle writer.  Born in the UK, I now live in Toronto, Canada. I travelled extensively in the Caribbean, visiting over 40 individual islands to date and have written about these journeys for a number of publications and media outlets. Now I channel my love of the islands into The Seasoned Traveler Magazine, an independent, objective website providing information, insights and reviews for visitors to the Caribbean.  Visit the website at

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