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Berwing Fadeau ‘KatchUp’ releases second single and introduces Ayimove

Berwing Fadeau, better known by his stage name KatchUp, is a Haitian American DJ, producer, and engineer, who launched his singing career in January 2021. His debut single “Vini” introduces listeners to Ayimove, a new genre of music he created. It’s a combination of multiple genres of music such as Konpa, Reggaeton, Soca, and Pop. A firm believer that Haiti’s greatest gift to the world is its music and the loving culture it embodies. He conceived Ayimove to help shape the future of Haitian culture and music.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, KatchUp is certainly no stranger to music, as it has always been a big part of his life. He grew up in a home constantly filled with music. And as a young boy, he assisted his dad with his djing gigs on the weekends. This is in fact when he began to develop a real love for music and he got a behind the scene look at the set up, and what it took to DJ. KatchUp began Djing as well and obtained a degree as an audio engineer.

He recently released his second single ‘Bon Flow’ on May 7, 2021 on his label ‘TuGetta (Together). The song is about himself being the new kid in town as far as being a singer songwriter and entering the music industry.

It is a true pleasure for Caribbean Essence to capture and share just a snippet of his journey through our interview with the artist.

CE: Do you remember when or at what age or when you developed a real interest in music?

KatchUp: I developed a real interest in music at a fairly young age through my father, I don’t remember at exactly what age but I do remember I was in elementary school.

CE: It’s said that as a child you helped your father with his DJ gigs on the weekends, what was that like? Did He encourage your interest in music?

KatchUp: My dad played music in the house every single day, if music wasn’t being played it was either because he was at work, away at a gig, or on vacation. I was so used to hearing music and seeing his love for music that it made it difficult for me not to have developed that same love.

When I was first asked if I wanted to attend a gig by my dad, I was ecstatic, in my mind I was finally going to see how he sets up and uses all of his equipment in person. My dad absolutely encouraged my interest in music, all that he taught me at those gigs and more is what helped me branch off to go do my own thing. First as a DJ, then a producer, an engineer, and now a singer and songwriter.

CE: What was your childhood like? And when did you start to take music seriously as a career path?

KatchUp: My childhood involved a lot of cartoons, sports, school, and Pokémon cards, lol. Although I had a love for music, I wasn’t quite interested in taking it farther than Djing on the weekends. I was more interested in playing basketball than anything else. I realized that basketball just wasn’t for me when I tried out multiple times for the team in high school, but never made the team. After graduation, I went to school for Business, wasn’t quite sure what I would’ve ended up doing with that, but I believed the opportunities would be limitless.

Being in college, with constant parties and everyone knowing that I was a DJ, the gigs just kept on coming. Loving to be the best at everything I do, I started studying and taking Djing more seriously. After graduation, I went back to school to study music, from there I became a producer. The love of music continued to grow and after some years as a producer, I returned to school to become an engineer.

CE: Was your family supportive of this idea?

KatchUp: Although my dad was a DJ, it was only a part-time job to help him put food on the table and pay the bills. He along with my mother was very strict when it came to school, they believed that school was the only way out and the only way to obtain a great career that paid well.

When I realized my love for music, I was afraid they wouldn’t agree with me going to school to study it, my older sister was the one that pushed me into believing in myself and doing what I believed was best for me even though my parents wouldn’t have agreed with it.

After a year into school I did end up telling my parents that I was in school for music, surprisingly to me they weren’t upset or wanted me to change majors, they were happy that I believed in myself and was truly doing what I loved, but they still had some concerns like all parents do.

CE: Who are some artists you admire or at some point would like to collaborate with?

KatchUp: It would have to be Davido, J.I., Wizkid, Roody Roodboy, Drake, Pop Smoke, Kizz Daniel, and Burna Boy just to name a few.

CE: How did you work to create the new genre Ayimove, and how would you describe it in your own words?

KatchUp: My genre Ayimove is over 3 years in the making. The vision came to me when I was DJing in my earlier days. It really frustrated me how at every party all genres were requested and played except for Haitian music. Haitian music seemed to be in a box on its own in a corner where no one really cared about it. I wanted to change that and Afrobeats truly inspired the vision.

Just watching how the Afrobeats exploded and became mainstream inspired me to create Ayimove, the change that I believe the Haitian Music Industry needs to be heard, played, respected, and well-liked everywhere. I created Ayimove with an iconic cocktail of Kompa, Caribbean, and Pop music genres. I also incorporated the genre with a flow of the English language along with Haiti’s official language Creole.

CE: Tell us about your recently released single Bon Flow, and what else is in the works for you?

KatchUp: My second single ‘Bon Flow’ was released in May on my label ‘TuGetta’ (Together). The song is about me being that new kid in town as far as being an upcoming music artist and entering the Haitian Music Industry goes. The single also represents a connection that despite any racial, political, cultural differences, music and dancing should bring everyone together as one and work out any differences. ‘Bon Flow’ is my second single which represent my genre Ayimove, as of right now the mission is to continue releasing music and pushing my objective.

CE: Thus far, what are some accomplishments and experiences that you’re proud of or stand out to you?

KatchUp: Of all of my accomplishments, there are two that I am truly amazed and proud of myself for achieving. The first would be graduating from music engineering school. School was never something I was interested in, but my love for music overstepped when it came to that and that’s how I managed two continue school twice after my undergraduate year. I saw the opportunity to grow and gain the knowledge in music that I would’ve probably never gained from my gigs alone. I also met some great people along the way that I work with till this day to help my music become reality.

My second most prized accomplishment would be creating my genre. I came up with the idea while in school but never thought that I would be able to complete the idea and watch it grow. Ayimove was merely created during my years of DJing, while music from every genre was being requested and played at parties Haitian music, unfortunately, wasn’t. I thought to myself something has to be done, there needs to be a change, I felt that Haitian music needed to be revamped.

CE: What would you say is some of the best advice you’ve received that’s helped you on your journey?

KatchUp: One of the best pieces of advice that I have received to help me on my journey was from my sister/manager. After undergrad, I was more interested in music than ever before, but I didn’t think my parents would approve of me returning to school to study music. I was lost and didn’t know what route I should take career-wise.

During a conversation with my sister, she asked me, "Do you love music?" I said yes, she then proceeded to tell me, "This is your life you do what you love and what makes you happy because at the end of the day it is you who controls your happiness." From that day I never looked back, anything and everything that could help me grow as a musician I made sure that I was a part of.

CE: How do you stay connected to your roots living abroad?

KatchUp: I stay connected through my family, mainly my sister and my parents. Also, I go to Haiti every couple of years when I can to visit family back home.

CE: What is a favorite Haitian comfort meal?

KatchUp: My favorite meal by far would have to be diri blan ak legume, which is white rice with legumes and I love me a good taso ak banan peze which is fried goat with fried green plantain.




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