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Blue Mermaid: Providing Healthy Coveted Haitian Spices and Seasonings

Updated: Jan 16

In 2016, Darlie Hilaire was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Lupus, she became more health conscious and started to practice clean eating. There were certain ingredients that she wanted to avoid. It became difficult for her to find high quality, all natural products without fillers, thickeners, and chemicals.

Luckily for Hilaire, her mother, Frantze Faustin, is a chef who developed a solution that became the impetus for a healthy line of spices and seasonings Blue Mermaid Gourmet.

Photos provided by Darlie Hilaire

Chef Frantze, who was trained at the New York Technical College, and externship with Michel Guérard in Eugénie-les-Bains, France. (Guérard is a French chef, author, one of the founders of nouvelle cuisine, and the inventor of cuisine minceur). Chef Frantze has worked for 40 years in the fine dining industry in Manhattan, New York. The secret to her dishes were her own amazing recipes of spices, sauces, and seasonings.

She would always share her creations with family and friends. Everyone always loves these sauces and looked forward to the next batch. With Hilaire diagnosed with Lupus, Chef Frantze whose products were already healthy removed bell peppers, tomatoes and tomato byproducts from her recipes as they aggravate individuals with Lupus or other autoimmune diseases.

Though Hilaire was able to access the very sauces that had been part of her cooking regimen, she felt they had to reach out “I realized that others with similar conditions and individuals who were looking for better products, looking for amazing flavors, high quality ingredients at an affordable price that makes cooking delicious, fast, clean, and healthy needed to also have access to her mother’s products as well,” said Hilaire.

Chef Frantze Faustin, Darlie Hilaire, Julien Theodule, James Faustin, and Thierry Hilaire came together and decided to launch Blue Mermaid Gourmet. “We worked hard and followed the laws, rules and all the regulations of the USA to bring the magic touch of Blue Mermaid Gourmet to life!” said Hilaire.

The name of the company is credited to little 6 year old Madison Hilaire. She loves The Little Mermaid and Hilaire loves blue, hence Blue Mermaid Gourmet. “I love blue, my house has a lot of blue, and it is my tropical haven. It makes me feel as though I am in Haiti,” Hilaire said with so much passion in her voice.

The line of products contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or animal products. It includes a gourmet hot sauce with the deep flavor of Haitian piman bouk, a variety of Epis which are specifically formulated to enhance the flavors of dishes. It also includes poultry seasoning, seafood seasoning, and a multipurpose seasoning. There is a whole line of spices and seasoning rubs like garlic chipotle, and a multipurpose rub and fruity hot sauces with mango and pineapple etc…. there is something for everyone.

Blue Mermaid Gourmet’s products are now sold in about 20 stores throughout New York and Florida. They’re readily available online on Amazon and Walmart and on their website.

Good eating. Fun without sacrificing flavor.

For more information visit their website.

#BlueMermaidGourmet www.bluemermaidgourmet.com.

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