• Rachele Viard

Commemorating Haitian Heritage Month through Culinary Arts: Part II

In Celebration of Haitian Heritage Month, Caribbean Essence is taking the opportunity to highlight some Haitian Chefs making strides in the culinary industry celebrating their heritage and roots through their cuisine. Haiti’s principal ambassadors are its cuisine and its art, each has its own history and it’s always a pleasure to highlight those who use their talents, and platforms to help share those stories and our beautiful culture.

The two chefs highlighted are Cherven Desauguste and Natacha Gomez are doing just that. They each share a recipe that is sure to satisfy your Haitian or Caribbean cravings or introduce you to a new favorite dish.

Photos provided by Natacha Gomez

Chef Natacha Gomez's cuisine ranges from the Taino's to the New Hattian Gastronomy which is about revisiting traditional dishes with a modern twist, and promoting, local, fresh, and organic products.

The recipe is from Chef Natacha's Cookbook titled 'Bak Fritay'.



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