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Hugline Jerome: A DREAM Realized

This year marks the 13th anniversary of DREAM PROMO and a DREAM realized by its President and General Director, Hugline Jerome! From a young age, Jerome shares with Caribbean Essence, she knew that planning events and throwing parties were her passion. Where she saw a void in the market she turned that passion into a career, and brought some well-known international artists to Haiti and created successful niches. The entertainment, artistic and media agency’s team has become known for its attention to detail, and putting together well curated and exciting events. Having myself attended several DREAM PROMO events whether for work or pleasure, they are professional, have synergy and great energy about them, and receive positive feedback. More importantly, their events generate a lot of buzz at the onset and are signature shows that are well attended.

It was a great pleasure to honor the occasion of DREAM PROMO’s 13th anniversary, and learn more about its evolution and the savvy entrepreneur behind the DREAM.

Photo provided by Hugline Jerome

CE: Congrats on 13 years of Dream Promo, how does it feel to be celebrating so many years of success?

HJ: Thank you for reaching out to us, it is an honor & I am extremely grateful for 13 years. Just grateful!

CE: Did you know from an early age that you wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

HJ: I knew since I was 10 years old that I was different and knew eventually that the event field was a passion. I knew in my heart that it brought pure joy to throw parties.

CE: What was the motivation behind launching Dream Promo?

HJ: There was never a launch of Dream Promo. Dream Promo slowly evolved & found a place where something was missing. We just wanted to do something different with all our activities.

CE: What were the early years like for Dream Promo?

HJ: It has been a rollercoaster with good & bad times but we always learn & grow so the same mistakes are not repeated.

CE: What has it been like being a woman entrepreneur in the still male dominated entertainment/event production industry, especially in the Caribbean?

HJ: I don’t consider myself as a female, more as a soul fitted in a female body just a passionate, dedicated and persistent individual who is determined to live her dream of BECOMING!

CE: What are some fond memories over the years that stand out?

HJ: Making what some would say the impossible just possible. Bringing some renowned artists to HAITI. I just love when the artists are curious to visit our homeland. It is not only about the show but visiting our museum, our mountains, beaches etc....BLISS.

CE: With the worldwide pandemic especially affecting both the entrainment and hospitality industries, how did it impact Dream Promo?

HJ: In every crisis, there is also an opportunity. No need to talk about the negative sides, I can’t change it. On the other hand, I tried to find new ways to continue making it via shows on line with various fundraisers. We were able to collect over $300,000 USD for hospitals during the crisis while keeping people entertained.

CE: How did you adjust and what do you plan to do in the future?

HJ: I’ve worked with what I have.....December was lit.....The future is not in our hands but I foresee great ventures and mostly partnerships with other promoters. It is a crucial time to collaborate and join forces with others in the industry. Together, we become stronger!

CE: What are some of your personal and professional goals you have for 2021?

HJ: Launch various personal projects such as my own sunglasses, clothing and makeup line. The health and wellness industry- I’ve lost over 38 lbs. during the crisis and am now promoting healthy habits....

On a professional level, expand Dream Promo to Martinique, Guadeloupe and France. It has always been a plan, but now focusing on expanding worldwide. Why not AFRICA? I am very curious of the rise of the music industry there. That is a market that I would love to touch.....AFRICA is becoming huge.....

CE: What advice would you give young women or girls, who want to veer from typical career paths?

HJ: Just make the decision to become the best version of yourself- Be of service and live your own truth. Eventually, the rest will follow.



Email: info@dream.ht

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