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In Quarantine Mode...

Updated: Jan 23

Has quarantine been getting the best of us in the self-care department? Here are 5 Haitian brands to look into to keep stylish from head to toe without sacrificing the comfort we've grown accustomed to since lockdown.


Want to jazz up your lounge wear? A nice caftan from atelier Stephane is really all you need. With their unique fabric designs and ease of wear, these tunics are the perfect addition to any stay-at-home wear.

Photo provided by Farah Doura
Photo provided by Sous Ayiti

After the bra, shoes are probably the least worn items since quarantine. Sandals being the latest "it" choice, grab yourself a pair of Sous Ayiti.

Photo provided by Kreativ

Gotta make a quick run and your hair's been a mess? Kreativ has you covered with its range of head wraps.

With endless possibilities to match your mood, clothes and activity, you are sure to be wrapped the right way.

Photo provided by Kafedore

Kafedore jewelry makes it easy to update any old boring look without over doing it. The brand's easy to wear statement pieces fit today's remote work lifestyle without getting in the way of zoom meetings or homeschooling.

Photo provided by Maflow

At home workouts became a thing during lockdown. Many turned to online classes to keep in shape. An artfully crafted Maflow yoga mat is the perfect option for anyone wanting to create a home practice dedicated to self-care.

A versatile tunic, a comfortable pair of sandals, a handy head wrap, a piece of artistic jewelry, and a creative yoga mat are practical add-ons one can look into to accommodate today's new normal.

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