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Jérémie Welcomes a New Oasis: Makay Guesthouse

“Makay Guesthoue was my father, Pierre M. Chavenet’s, vision as Anse d’Azur was always considered a premier location for a hospitality business. It was a vision he proudly shared with his family and the residents of Anse d’Azur,” said Francois Chavenet. So it is not surprising that initially, they built a family house which also accommodated the architects and technicians working on several of our projects in the area.

Jérémie is one of the perfect places in Haiti to connect with nature and relax. It is a hidden gem that is ready to welcome all, as Chavenet spoke of his native city you could hear the pride in his voice. “Jérémie has been able to retain a naturally lush environment that most visitors fall in love with. The area has multiple rivers, springs, and three islands near our shores (La Navase, Petite Cayemitte, Grande Cayemitte). One third of the Macaya National Park is within our boundaries. Lastly, Jérémie is a city with a rich cultural heritage. It’s named the City of Poets, because many great poets call this oceanfront city home.”

“To bring our father’s vision to life, the construction of the main house was done in a manner that would not hurt future construction but rather be seen as a part of the bigger picture,” shared Chavenet. Thus began their hospitality journey. They were not only committed to Pierre Chavenet’s vision, they also had a gift, they knew how to welcome and entertain friends and acquaintances as the latter were always thrilled to spend a few days at their house.

Makay Guesthouse Photos provided by Francois Chavenet

In an effort to expand and broaden their reach by offering the experience to the general public, the city of Jérémie welcomed a new tourism spot Makay Guesthouse which means ‘My House’. “Two years ago we started receiving arranged groups. We place a high value on the experience we offer to our guests. Everything we do is focused on offering a warm and cozy stay to everyone. Our goal is to have a Guesthouse that feels like a home away from home,” explained Chavenet.

Nestled in a lush grounds with spectacular views and an exclusive beach. Makay offers its guests’ eight rooms that have ocean view, several cozy seating garden areas, an outside bar whose roof is built with vetiver leaves, and bamboo, as well as a swimming pool which also has an ocean view.We are very caring of the environment in our family, as a result one of the outdoor furniture is made of recyclable materials. By building with these types of material we send a message that nothing is ever lost. One of the sets was made of old tires that we painted with oil-based paints, wood and fabrics to cover the seating area that are UV light resistant and impermeable,” said Chavenet.

Makay Guesthouse is a perfect oasis for nature lovers. It offers diverse excursion packages that include hiking, kayaking, trailing, boat tours, biking, and snorkeling. In addition, they have packages which take clients to Camp Perrin and Les Cayes where they can visit waterfalls, caves, a fort, and a botanic garden just to name a few. And to promote the culture of the Grand’Anse Department they host shows and plays which showcase emerging young artists.

However, what Makay is known for is its excellent cuisine which places a big emphasis on local ingredients and dishes such as tom-tom made out of smashed breadfruit and a seafood base sauce, pisket which is a seasonal tiny fish that can be cooked several ways, kabich made of wheat flour and hareng, fromaj cochon which is pork liver, great variety of yams and jackfruit and for dessert a pound cake called comparet.

Makay has garnered success and as a result, expansion is on the horizon. “Makay is a brand name under the umbrella of our corporation Crusoe Developpement S.A. (Crudesa). As such, we plan to build 36 bungalows, a beach bar and a main building which will have a restaurant; conference rooms; and banquet and event facilities. Construction should take two to three years. We are very excited about this venture and hope to become a well-known resort and conference place of choice,” explained Chavenet.

If you have not yet been to Jérémie or have yet to experience Makay, consider it this summer as a staycation at no other lodge but Makay Guesthouse.


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