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Make a Flavorful Tropical Smoothie with Chef Natoya Johnson Chapman

Updated: Mar 2

Chef Natoya Johnson Chapman is well known in her native Tobago for providing healthy dishes and smoothies. The Unprocessed Chef, as she refers to herself, became ill in 2009 and had to change her diet. Passionate about food, Chef Natoya could not readily find available foods that suited her new healthier lifestyle.

So the chef took charge and began making her meals (diary, soya, wheat, and gluten free) which soon became popular and sought after. As a result, she opened Ser Fresco Deli, an online deli, which offers proportioned Unprocessed meals, beverages and products. In addition, Ser Fresco Deli also produces many healthy snacks, however, the product that is causing the most buzz is their sea moss gel super food which comes in seven (7) flavors. It is no wonder as sea moss is amazing as it has many health benefits.

Chef Natoya shares one of her delicious unprocessed Tropical Smoothie. Give it a try, and maybe it will become part of your health regimen. Share your thoughts!

Vidoegraphy: Bcatalogued Ltd.

Edited Production: NatJohnson Multimedia

Music Production: Master Pianist Khaydon Champman of Xperience GI Industries



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