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Meet Guyana’s Tourism Product: Nature & Wildlife

Guyana boasts of virgin rainforests, innumerable waterfalls, vast open spaces, mountain ranges, and extensive river systems that are home to a density of biodiversity found nowhere else on the planet. Guyana is often referred to as “The Land of the Giants,” due to its populations of jaguar, giant anteater, giant otter, black caiman, anaconda and arapaima. Though you may not see all on one trip, you are bound to cross off most of them.

Photos provided by Tourism Guyana Arwarmie Mountain

One thing that will definitely be hard to miss is the pristine nature that surrounds you. Whether it be the coastline, savannahs, mountains or highlighted attraction that is Kaieteur Falls, you will not be disappointed.

Active Exploration

If you are looking for adventure, Guyana has got you covered. Our diverse landscape gives rise to various types of activities that leave the explorer wanting more.

Travelers are able to experience river trips, nature hikes, sport fishing, wildlife spotting, the ranching lifestyle, and birding with indigenous people whose way of life is based on the long-term sustainable use of their ancestral lands.

Atta Canopy Walk from Above

One of the more exhilarating and favored activities is caiman tagging at Caiman House in the North Rupununi. Here you will travel with local guides to weigh, measure, tag and release this specie into the Rupununi River to help monitor the black caiman population of the region. This also promotes conservation and sustainable travels.

Culture & Heritage

Guyana’s warm hospitality and history can be felt in its people and colonial-style architecture. The cultural mix of its population includes our Indigenous Peoples and those of African, East Indian, European, Portuguese and Chinese descent. These influences can be seen in yearly festivals and events throughout the country, and more so in the fusion of flavors that make the distinct taste of delicious Guyanese cuisine.

Waldlyke Prince Tour Guide

Our Indigenous Peoples are also proud to share their traditions and knowledge with guests of their community-led and owned eco-lodges. Doing so helps them preserve their natural and cultural heritage while providing economic benefits to the communities as a whole.

Rewa Eco Lodge


Birders love their checklists, and Guyana has 820 bird species to check off of that list. Bird species from 79 different families call Guyana’s rainforest canopies, coastal plains and golden savannahs their home. Bird watchers can explore many hotspot locations and trails suitable for sighting species such as the magnificent harpy eagle, vibrant cock-of-the-rock, and the national bird, the hoatzin. With the country’s vast expanses of pristine nature, Guyana is a birder’s paradise waiting to be discovered.

Due to its longstanding commitment to sustainable development, Guyana was recognized as the world’s #1 Eco-Tourism Destination and the Best in Sustainable Tourism in 2019, and again in 2020 as a ‘Best of the Americas’ destination by the Green Destination Foundation. Being recognized as a leading sustainable destination is both a great honor and a great responsibility. Sustainability, like travel, is not about the destination; it is all about the journey.

What a place to being your conservation journey. From an otter conservation project led by Diane McTurk and caiman tagging research at Caiman House to solar-powered eco-lodges and well-managed tourism that allows you to enjoy a lily pond all to yourself, Guyana welcomes you to enjoy a bit of conservation travel.

Guyana has so much to offer, and can best be described in these FIVE pillars. But now that you have had just a glimpse of this destination, we welcome you. Welcome to nature’s beating heart, a place where our wealth of natural and cultural heritage is celebrated, the #1 Eco-Tourism and the Best in Sustainable Tourism Destination in the world. Welcome to your next adventure.

Fort Zeelandia Baganara Island Resort

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