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Some Unique Twist on Summer Activities

With Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial start of summer) behind us, many are starting to contemplate on what their summer plans may look like. With the academic year coming to an end, and Covid restrictions lifting with many getting vaccinated, this summer is shaping up to look at least a bit different than last year.

Though like myself many may not feel totally comfortable traveling or sending their kids off to camp, or venturing too far from home or their close circle of family and friends. Also many may be heading back into the office and too busy to make any real plans or not have the means to do so at the moment. Again like myself, who doesn’t want to treat themselves to a little R&R and enjoy the nice weather? Summer time is always a good excuse to ditch your routine and spend quality time with those you love.

I’ve come up with a few cheap, fun, and safe activities to enjoy with a group of close friends, family or even solo. These activities are actually a few I enjoy doing myself, even under normal circumstances I’m pretty low-key personally during the summer months (I prefer traveling during the low season).

The first is a bit obvious, but a classic …..a bbq of course! You don’t have an outdoor grill, that’s cool you can use a stovetop grill and get to work on those burgers, shrimp or chicken kebabs ect! All that counts is good company a nice outdoor space, some good side dishes, and great playlist. Barbeques are a great way to catch up with those close to you and kick off the summer, and no need to impress a one stop shop at one of my favorite stores like Target (if you live near one). Though all you really need is to grab some festive and colorful disposable utensils, your favorite meat and other sides, and if you’re so inclined citronella candles from wherever you shop and BOOM! Just invite a group of pals, and let the good times roll.

Movie Night- These nights are made even better in you’ve got a mini portable projector (which you can find you find on Amazon at prices ranging from $50-100) is always a great idea as well. Make it an indoor or outdoor set up, and pick some of your favorite snacks and throwback films…or see what’s new on Netflix and there you go! There great thing about a good movie night, is you can truly personalize it and it can even be a solo activity to unwind after a long work week. No need to share your take-out or homemade popcorn. In my opinion the best time for movies is in fact the summertime, and you don’t have to break the bank by creating an experience at home. But hey, the theaters are reopening, so by all means that can be fun as well.A fun self-care day at

Home- Take some time, to just recharge. Put your phone on mute, and make sure you’re stocked up on your favorite face mask, scrubs, and nail polish colors ect. Sometimes it’s just too hot to be out, especially in the Caribbean, and a nice day catching up on some simple self-care and favorite shows is a cool alternative to any outdoor activities. I love nothing more than taking time out to have a little spa day at home, and blasting my favorite playlist. No need to really budget for this either and again you could even invite a friend or two if you’re so inclined and make it a group spa day. Kreyol Essence, Shea Moisture, and Cantu are just a few of my personal favorite products to use.

Some other great ideas for the summer may be, starting a virtual summer book club with a group of friends, of course the tried and true beach day is always fun. You’re outdoors, and can enjoy vitamin D and cool off in the ocean water which is always fun. And you can even think of maybe bringing a picnic. Whatever you decide is best for you, or your family continue to stay safe, and let go of any pressure of keeping up with the Jones on social media because quality memories and relaxation are what’s key…not how much you spend.

Wishing you a happy and safe summer whatever your plans may be. If you happen to try any of the aforementioned activities, let us know in the comments below.


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