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Spicy Conch Ceviche - Haitian spin to share with friends

Stephan Berrouet is a skilled Haitian chef who continually innovates. He combines the flavors of Haiti with other Caribbean flavors to create extraordinary dishes. As a culinary Ambassador, Chef Stephan strives to showcase Haitian gastronomy whenever and wherever he can.

Photo provided by Chef Stephan


4 oz. lambi

2 oz. avocado

1 oz. grilled corn

½ oz. red onion

½ oz. green pepper



Slice lambi very thinly and marinate for an hour prior to preparation.

Dice avocado.

Shuck the corn and grill. Remove from husk.

Thinly julienne red onions and green pepper.

Mix conch with onions, peppers and grilled corn.

In a small mold, place the diced avocados in the bottom, seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Add the mixed conch. Garnish plate with the micro-greens.


4 oz. of sour orange juice

2.5 oz. of lemon or lime juice

1 oz. of finely chopped Habanero peppers

Salt and black pepper to taste

Conch is a Caribbean staple, make Chef Stephan's spicy conch recipe, share it and let us know what you think at info@caribbeanessence.net.

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