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Talented Celebrity Makeup Artist Dominique Doyle Helps Women Shine

Dominique Doyle / Photos provided by Dominique Doyle

You are probably well aware of the fact that I truly believe that make-up is a true art form and a unique way to express one self. I enjoy playing around with makeup and following different makeup artist on social media. That is how I became aware of Dominique Doyle IG page. I admire her positivity and her artistry on her feed. She makes makeup seem so approachable. I of course had to reach out, and get acquainted with her.

The multi-talented artist was born in Brooklyn, New York to Trinidadian parents. Known for employing her artistic edge to accentuate a person's features and enhance the natural beauty in all of her clients, Doyle transitioned nearly a decade ago from painting canvases to faces.

It’s interesting that, what could have been viewed as a great setback, is actually what propelled Doyle to take a greater chance on herself and pursue a fulltime career in the makeup industry. And this seems to be paying off in dividends for her, as she has become a well-respected makeup artist (MUA) in the entertainment industry. She has worked on reality shows such as Bravo’s Married to Medicine, Sister Circle, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, ATL, and TV One’s R&B Divas just to name a few.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, my hometown, I was delighted to have the opportunity to highlight her path and story.

CE: When, or at what age did you start getting into makeup?

DD: I first started drawing. I knew I was pretty good at it when I won the yearbook cover competition in middle school. Then, in high school as a senior project, I had the amazing opportunity to work under some super talented artist to complete a pastel art collection at an intermediate level. This still didn't convince me that I would have a career in some form of art.

Somewhere between my sophomore and junior year at college at Georgia State, a friend of mine suggested I do make up for our mutual friend's photo-shoot. I had no idea why she would suggest me as the makeup artist since I didn't really wear makeup, but something convinced her I would be up for the challenge. I was, it was another way to express my creative energy. The shoot went well. The photographer liked it and recommend me to another photographer. We created some dope images and everything snowballed from there.

CE: You studied journalism and marketing at Georgia State University and obtained a Masters in Health Administration from Clayton State University. You then began your career in the healthcare field, and after 8 years working as a Senior Health Educator, what was the transition like becoming self-employed?

DD: My position, was grant funded and after eight (8) years of working for a non- profit organization I was laid off. Little did I know that it was a blessing in disguise? Initially I was frustrated, worried, sad, scared, but I had to look at this as an opportunity. It definitely gave me the push I needed to really give makeup my full attention. Here I am four (4) years later, a full time Celebrity Make-up Artist and business owner of SoChevon where we specialize in enhancing natural beauty through a variety of one-on-one services as well as online education and coaching.

CE: Caribbean parents, can be conservative, were your parents supportive about your career change?

DD: In the beginning both my mom and dad thought I was taking a little too long to get a new job. Especially since their daughter went to grad-school to specifically pursue a career in public health, they were confused about the drastic change. I made it a point not to ask them for help. I stalled them by mostly avoiding the subject altogether until I had established myself as a professional Make-up Artist. Once they saw I was serious and able to support myself the questions subsided and I had their full support, I would say they are proud.

CE: What made you want to make that leap, and pursue a career in the makeup industry?

DD: Art always came naturally to me. I started drawing seriously in middle school, competing in drawing competitions. One of my mentors in High School was a pastel painter and he helped me to develop my abstract art skills and really gave me the confidence to work with other mediums. I didn’t realize make-up would be one of those mediums at the time.

It started as a hobby for me back in college, really it began as a favor for a friend and then spiraled from there. The moment I truly decided to become a makeup artist was actually not my decision. I believe God closed one door to open another, if it was completely up to me I probably would choose security, have a comforting job with benefits, a retirement plan and paid vacation. But He saw something different for me. And I love it! It’s always been my passion to make women feel and look beautiful. For me it's never been just about make-up but it's about providing women with an outlet to express their style and confidence through by enhancing their beauty.

The act of doing make-up is actually therapeutic and I love being able to provide that safe space for the women who I've had the honor to work with over the years.

CE: What are ways you’ve enhanced your skills over the years?

DD: I experiment with different looks I admire from other creative artist, I stay updated with trends, sometimes jumping in on a couple make up classes offered by seasoned MUA’s. I have a couple MUA mentors and I Practice Practice, Practice.

CE: What are some myths or ideas you believe people have/ or you’ve had clients ask you about makeup, that aren’t true or helpful.

DD: When I post my Before/After pictures I usually have a couple people in my inbox with some not so flattering comments. I believe some people assume if a woman wears makeup, she’s trying to cover up her “Ugly”.

My motive for displaying both versions of women I do makeup on is to reveal how makeup can enhance the beauty that’s already there and to show others we all have dark spots we all have dark circles we all have these little imperfections that we would like to improve. It's also there to show how natural makeup can actually look. Skin doesn't have to look pasty, it can look Dewey and natural you don't have to have a whole bunch of color you can be bronzy and gold and it doesn't have to look heavy it can be light and fresh. It’s the subtle enhancements that can make the difference.

CE: What inspires you, or how do you get inspired when trying to come with new looks?

DD: A few things inspire me: My clients’ energy, the occasion for why they’re getting makeup, and whenever I get new products!

CE: What are some trends in the industry, you have incorporated into your routine and what are some trends that you’re not fond of personally?

DD: I love a fresh dewy face and a contour (but nothing too deep) one trend I’m not fond of is the cut crease, not my fav at all.

CE: What are your five must haves/ or five must haves you recommend for someone to have in their beauty bag?


1. Primer

2. Eye Brow pencil/or Brow Pomade

3. Medium Coverage Foundation

4. Volumizing Mascara

5. Golden/Champagne Highlighter (depending on your color tone)

CE: What is some of the best advice you’ve gotten both personally and professionally?

DD: Network, I know it sounds cliché, but creating relationships in various circles only exposes your talent and what you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and increase your self-value! Be adventurous and learn from your mistakes, it’s all a part of the journey to success. And of course surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

CE: What is some advice you’d give someone starting out in the industry?

DD: The earlier you start investing in yourself, the greater the benefits you stand to reap down the line. There will be times when you get discouraged, but keep pushing because someone is always looking and you never know what can come from it. If I knew then what I know now, I would have taken greater risks in the beginning because I had little to lose and so much to gain.

Click on the link below to view a video of a workshop Doyle conducted last year.





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