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The GRG Collection: Vibrant, Bold, and Unique Just Like its Designer

Updated: May 23

A physical therapist by trade, Haitian born and raised Genevieve Roy Guirand, affectionately known by all those close to her as Ginou, has always been passionate about helping others to reach their full potential. As a family member this is something I’ve witnessed firsthand. Needless to say that it was a pleasure to sit down with her in the context of this interview to share more of her story with Caribbean Essence readers. She explains that after earning her physical therapy degree in France and honing her skills in New York and Washington, D.C., she returned home to put her knowledge and skills to practice.

Though Ginou pursued a career as a physical therapist, she says that she has always loved being creative, and really enjoyed doing crafts. It was only after the earthquake of January 2010, when many were naturally looking for ways to cope with myriad of feelings of devastation, only natural after such a tragic event, that Ginou turned to crafting and found comfort. “It was almost like therapy in a way” she recalls. “It didn’t start as GRG, I just started making jewelry and it was a friend who suggested that instead of keeping them for myself that I try and see if I could sell them.”

At first, Ginou gave her bracelets and anklets to friends and family who enjoyed adorning these one of a kind pieces. They all encouraged her to take her brightly beaded jewelry to the next level. "For me, creating is intensely personal. I do what I love without concerning myself too much about the commercial aspect. I don’t see it as a job but more so as a hobby that has evolved into the creation of my brand," she tells me.

Photos provided by Genevieve Roy Guirand

In 2013, the multi-talented designer began to dabble with the idea of sandal making. She sketched her designs and worked with an artisan on identifying the soles she would use to craft her sandals. The GRG collection of sandals come in varying eye-catching colors and designs made with fabric or beads and are perfect to be worn while on a Caribbean getaway. “I love shoes and sandals, and enjoy different styles, so it’s been a lot of fun trying different designs. I also try to design shoes and jewelry that I would wear, and they are often a reflection of my personal style,” she adds.

"If someone has an idea in mind, I am more than happy to work with them to turn their idea to a reality," she says. She continued to create these original sandals, necklaces and bracelets which she displayed in her house, they garnered lots of success and thus the GRG Collection evolved naturally.

Ginou’s brand did not stop there, about two years ago, she asked family members to save their bottles of wines, rum, vodka, etc, for her. And one day, there they were these beautiful decorative bottles. The recycled bottles were transformed into ingenious accents for the home or office. She used the same concept of vivid tones, brightly colored fabrics, and attractive beadings.

All her handcrafted products to date were geared towards women. In 2019, she once again expanded the GRG Collection brand by adding Chakra bracelets not just for women, she created Chakra bracelets with a masculine touch which garnered their own clientele.

"None of my items are the same,” Ginou emphasizes. When asked what inspires her creations she shares, “I am inspired by the materials I use, I am attracted to textures and colors and they act as my muses. "

These one of a kind statement pieces and décor pieces are creative expressions meant to be worn and shared with love, and are sure to get you lots of questions, like “where did you get that”?

For more information on GRG Collection, email Ginou at Jouvenceclub@yahoo.com

or visit GRG’s Instagram page


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