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The Guyana Amazon Warriors: Meet the Wonder of Kaieteur Falls

First hand experiences are everything but boy, the Tourism Guyana team along with a few members of the Guyana Amazon Warriors were in for a breathtaking surprise unlike any other. It was a glorious morning in October 2019, while on the Guyana leg of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Cricket Tournament the Guyana Amazon Warriors had a day off from training and had previously made plans with Team Tourism Guyana to visit Kaieteur Falls. Our bus arrived at the Guyana Marriott for pickup. The Amazon Warriors Coach, Johan Botha, and star players Chris Green, Ben Laughlin and Nicholas Pooran all emerged with smiles in anticipation of what’s to come as the Majestic Kaieteur has a mind blowing reputation ”.

Kaieteur Falls is known world-wide as the largest single drop waterfall in the world by the volume of water flowing over it. Located in the Potaro river of region 8, standing strong at 741 feet, almost five times higher than Niagara Falls, the Kaieteur sits as the King of all waterfalls as a part of the Amazon Rainforest.

There was excitement overload as we drove towards the Eugene F. Correia Ogle Airport and boarded a small passenger plane, nerves had to be contained as we barreled along the run-way and took off into the horizon. Everyone was taking in the scenes of Guyana from above as we made our way past rivers and villages, after some time flying the pilot announced, look to the left! There it was, we were flying right beside the Mighty Kaieteur Falls! Everyone had eyes glued outside the plane as we flew by grinning from ear to ear. We made our way to a small airstrip at Kaieteur National Park and disembarked the aircraft.

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After a quick briefing on safety protocol by our Tour Guide, we set off on a hike through a short trail towards the ‘Johnsons viewpoint,’ as we approached the vantage point our ears were stimulated by the sound of the water cascading down the mighty falls. Our tour guide masterfully took us over some small bridges and through some cave like structures all the while giving us some history and information on the flora and fauna native to the area leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but memories. We made our way up a small opening and after emerging there it was! Our first glimpse of the falls, everyone’s jaws dropped as we were in awe. We paused for a few minutes to take in its beauty and the scenery of great Kai.

The name of the falls commemorates Chief kai. One of the distinguished Chieftains also known as Toshaos of the once powerful Patamona indigenous tribe. Amerindian legend has it that Kai committed self-sacrifice by paddling his canoe over the falls in order to appease Makonaima, the great spirit to save his people from the invading Carib tribe.

Listening to the legend, seeing the falls, feeling the rumble in our hearts as the cascading waters serenaded us was just the first taste, but there was more, a better view? Better than this? Bring it on we shouted with adrenaline pumping as we prepare to trek to the next vantage point.

On we trekked to Boy Scout’s View making our way through giant bromeliad plants frequently stopping to see if we can catch a glimpse of the Golden Rocket Frog species native to the Kaieteur Region, peeking in a few plants, we hit the jackpot as we saw a tiny golden frog looking back at us. As we got closer the sound of the water crashing into the gorge below became louder, it was calling us, if it could have spoken in Guyanese slang, we can hear it saying “come nuh” then we came to a clearing.

Our guide pointed us to an engraving on the rock from the Boy Scouts that discovered the lookout point many years ago and we were at an even more amazing vantage point to witness the falls. We paused briefly to take in the sights and sounds and were off again through a short jungle trail. Selfies snapped, careful peeps over the edges and we spot another clearing and asked…why aren’t we over there closer to the falls? …oh, but that’s where we are headed smiled our young, brave and informative guide. And there we headed off to….

It was at this point as we approached the falls the sound was a tremendous roar, we were heading to a much closer vantage point called ‘Rainbow View’, we approached a large clearing and wow! Kaieteur Falls in all its glory, the sheer volume of water bellowing below was spectacular. The Warriors couldn’t contain their excitement their smiles growing wider and wider with each passing minute reveling at its beauty. Chris Green was elated and thought this is the best birthday present ever to experience such raw, untouched beauty. A true Wonder of the world, sitting in a tiny country filled with culture, diversity, best eco tourism adventures and relatively unknown.

The entire gorge and river can be seen from a sheer cliff with a steep jagged edge and true to the vantage points name, the cascading water created a beautiful Rainbow effect from the waterfall. It truly was a remarkable sight to behold. The players couldn’t believe what they were witnessing and were in sheer awe at the experience taking many photos for memories.

Our time was up and we reluctantly made our way back to base camp and onto the plane back to Georgetown. The players related that this was truly a once in a lifetime experience. This was definitely a bucket list item checked off for them. That’s the aura of the Mighty Kaieteur Falls! You have to experience this once in your life! Guyana winner of Best Eco tourism destination, an adventure travelers dream come true, birding spectacular, adventure fishing, land of many waters and six different races. Guyana – A destination on the rise!

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